You are currently viewing Week 7 Track & Field Info (Feb 19th)

Week 7 Track & Field Info (Feb 19th)

Thank you for those who helped volunteer and put on a good meet! As many of you attended, there are a lot of moving parts to help make the meet successful. Those who volunteered in photography, concessions, grilling, and helped with field events thank you for all your support. Hospitality was great and a good treat for the visiting coaches. Do you want to assist and helping next week?

Track & Field Volunteers

Snack Sign Ups:

Athletes great job competing for the first meet of the season! The Boys Team placed 3rd Overall and the Girls Team placed 2nd Overall. Some personal records were achieved with the wind and cold temperatures. The good news is that the temperatures will be better this week!

Practice Schedule for the Week!

Boys Sprints:

Tuesday – Thursday (3:00PM – 4:30)

Girls Sprints:
Monday – Friday (3:30PM – 5:00)

Wednesday & Thursday (3:30 – 4:30)
Friday: To Be Determined

Monday -8:30 AM (Cheatham Hill)
Tuesday – 9:00 AM (Hillgrove)
Wednesday – 8:30 AM (Hillgrove)
Thursday – 9:00 AM (Green Meadows)

Friday – 9:00 AM (Hillgrove)